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Dr. Brian Sims is honored to be your chiropractor in Milwaukie, and at Eastside Spine and Injury, he’s helping hundreds of people every year recover from some common (and uncommon!) illnesses and injuries–all without drugs or invasive procedures.

Herniated Disc FAQs

What is a herniated disc?

The spinal bones in your back are separated by vertebral discs, oval-shaped structures that are covered in a tough layer of fibrocartilage and filled with a gel-like fluid consisting mostly of water and collagen fibers. Sometimes–typically due to wear and tear that occurs with age, degenerative joint disease, poor posture, repeated spinal flexion/extension or twisting, or a slip or fall–abnormal pressure can be put on a spinal disc, causing the tough outer layer to tear, through which the gel-like fluid can leak out. Once this gel fluid gets into the surrounding disc space, it can put pressure on nearby spinal nerves, muscles, and other connective tissues.

Are there any symptoms of a herniated disc?

Symptoms of a herniated disc often include muscle tenderness, pain, and stiffness at whatever location in the spine that the disc herniated (usually in the lower back or in the neck). Other symptoms may include numbness or tingling in an arm or leg. These symptoms may decrease in intensity or “centralize” (move closer to the spine) when you extend your back or lie on your stomach, and may worsen when you bend forward.

Of course, symptoms really depend on the severity of the disc injury, where the herniation occurs, and whether or not any nearby structures are getting impinged or irritated. In some cases, herniated discs cause no symptoms at all, and a person may only be alerted to the condition if it is found incidentally on some sort of imaging test, like an MRI.

What is the difference between a herniated disc and a bulging disc?

With a herniated disc, the gel-fluid from inside the disc actually leaks out through a tear in the disc’s outer layer. With a bulging disc, the gel-fluid may move and press against the outer layer abnormally, but does not actually leak through it. Bulging discs can cause similar symptoms, and bulging and herniated disc treatments are similar.

There’s no such thing as a “slipped disc.”

What are my options for herniated disc treatment?

It’s always important to see if conservative herniated disc treatment can relieve your symptoms; only “if all else fails” should you consider consulting with an orthopedic surgeon.

Fortunately, chiropractic care offers valuable help for people suffering from herniated disc symptoms, and can provide relief without the need for NSAIDs and other forms of drugs or medications. Your chiropractor in Milwaukie, Dr. Sims, can provide a variety of natural, holistic, and non-invasive techniques to relieve pain, restore normal spinal joint/disc alignment, promote disc tissue healing, restore normal mobility, and prevent recurrence. If you’re seeing him for your herniated disc treatment, you can expect to receive such services as spinal decompression, massage therapy, and corrective exercises. These will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Dr. Sims will also carefully evaluate the rest of your spine and body to rule out any hidden factors–such as poor posture, poor nutrition, and muscle imbalances–that may be contributing to your injury.

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