What is a Herniated Disc?

A spinal disc is a soft tissue with a softer center enclosed by a tougher exterior. Sometimes, because of disease, stress on the back, or sudden trauma, the softer part of the disc leaks out through a tear. A herniated disc can irritate nearby nerves resulting in pain, weakness, numbness, or a combination of all three.

What is a Disc in Relation to the Spine?

The human spinal column is divided into three parts, the cervical spine with seven bones, the thoracic spine with 12 bones, and the lumbar spine with five bones. Each of the bones in the spinal column has a disc that cushions it from shock when you do things like walking, running, sitting, or performing some other movement.

What are the Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

Some people with a herniated disc experience no symptoms. Other people have pain in the lower back, the buttocks, legs, shoulder, or arm. Muscles that are attached to the irritated nerves can become weakened. A person with a herniated disc can also experience numbness in the affected body part.

How Your Milwaukie Chiropractor Can Help

Fortunately, a herniated disc can often be treated without recourse to surgery. After a physical exam and some scans on the affected area of your back, we will able to prescribe a course of treatment tailored to your condition. We will be able to provide spinal readjustment therapy that will help to strengthen your back. In addition, we can recommend some exercises that can also help strengthen the affected area and alleviate the pain. Over-the-counter drugs and some prescribed medication can address the pain in the meantime. Remember, while it might be tempting to let your aching backrest, that would only worsen the condition in the long run.

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