Patients near Milwaukie, OR seek a well-known chiropractor for treatment of disc injuries

To understand the cause of spinal disc injuries it helps to understand the spine. Spinal discs separate the interlocking bones in the spine called vertebrae. The soft and compressible discs act as shock absorbers, allowing the spine to twist, bend, and flex. If the spinal discs become injured, the result can be degenerative disc disease. The condition can occur anywhere in the spinal cord, but is most common in the lower back or neck. If men and women near Milwaukie, OR suffer from this condition, they can count on well-known chiropractor Dr. Brian Sims at Eastside Spine & Injury to provide safe and effective treatment.

Causes of spinal disc degeneration

Risk factors of spinal disc degeneration include smoking, obesity, and genetics. A fall can also cause the degeneration process to begin. Our spinal discs break down as we age. This can lead to fluid loss in the spinal discs, which reduces their ability to act as shock absorbers. They can become bulged, ruptured, or fractured. When this happens, the distance can narrow between the vertebrae, resulting in less stability in the spine. Then, the body develops bone spurs or osteophytes, which add pressure to the spinal nerve roots and can affect nerve function.

Some patients do not experience pain when there has been damage to the spinal discs. Others may experience back or neck aches. When a disc in the neck area is affected, the pain may originate in the neck or arm. When the damaged disc in is in the lower back, the buttock, back, or leg may hurt. Movements such as reaching up, twisting, or bending can cause more pain.

Seeking treatment

There is no need to suffer from degenerative disc disease. During an evaluation, Dr. Sims will ask you about your medical history and conduct an examination. The doctor may ask you about your symptoms, illnesses or injuries, previous treatments, and habits and activities that may have caused pain in the legs, buttocks, back, arms, or neck. Dr. Sims will examine your range of motion in the affected area to determine any sources of pain and look for tingling, numbness, or weakness. These symptoms can be indicators of nerve-related changes. Dr. Sims may order x-rays to assist in the diagnosis. If you are suffering from degenerative disc disease, our treatments include rehab therapy.

Are you experiencing pain in your neck, back, arms, legs, or buttocks? If so, consider scheduling an evaluation appointment with Dr. Sims by calling 503-451-6356 today.

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