How to Perform A Scoliosis Test at Home

Scoliosis treatment is essentially like a clock race. When detected early, a chiropractor in Milwaukie, OR can guide you through corrective exercises and offer natural therapy to help minimize the effects of this chronic condition. Unfortunately, most cases go undiagnosed until the curvature of the spine has progressed to advanced levels. This makes effective treatment more challenging, which means that the patient will suffer even more. However, you can perform an at-home scoliosis test for your child and even yourself with the help of an observant friend. Here’s the easy five step process to do so.

Step #1: The Forward Bend

Have the individual being tested stand with their arms extended with their palms together as they bend at the waist. At this time look for signs of asymmetry by observing the position from the front and the back. Does anything look uneven, such as hips or parts of the ribcage sitting higher than the other side?

Step #2: Standing Straight

Postural changes are one of the most common visual indications of scoliosis that are apparent before the spinal curve becomes visible. Observe the individuals posture in the standing straight positions. If you see indications of one shoulder being higher than the others or signs that the hips are imbalanced, then you should consult with our chiropractor in Milwaukie, OR at Eastside Spine and Injury right away.

Step #3: The Clothes Check

Sometimes the fit of clothing can be a telltale sign of scoliosis. Assess the situation for uneven hemlines, such as shirt sleeve or pant leg hanging lower than the other.

Step #4: Eyes and Ears

Does one eye or ear appear to be situated above the other? While this can be normal, it can also be indicative or scoliosis.

Step #5: The Gait Test

Observe the test participant’s walk and look for abnormalities such as a slight limp, one leg being shorter than the other or any indications that the body seems to tilt to one side.

Contact Eastside Spine and Injury for a Scoliosis Check Today

While an at home scoliosis treatment is a wonderful preventive measure, you can come in and see our chiropractor in Milwaukie, OR at Eastside Spine and Injury today for a postural and spinal screening. Give our team a call today at 503-654-7400 for no-obligation consultation.

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