How Can a Chiropractor in Milwaukie, OR Treat Injuries?

When a person experiences a work-related injury or personal injury, it puts a hold on their life. They might not be able to work as normal or even participate in daily life as usual. They want to find relief from the pain and resume life like before, which can be accomplished through the assistance of a Milwaukie, OR chiropractor. A chiropractor in Milwaukie, OR helps people with both personal injuries and work related injuries through various types of chiropractic care such as the following:

Exercise Therapy

Patients who have injuries may benefit from exercises led by an OR chiropractor. The chiropractor will help a person do exercises that are geared toward their specific injury. The exercises will help to stretch the muscles, which has the potential to reduce pain and increase the person’s range of motion. The chiropractor will increase the difficulty of the exercises gradually to continuously assist with the healing process.


Manipulation is the most well-known chiropractic treatment provided by chiropractors in Milwaukie and in general. The chiropractor realigns structures in the body around the location of the injury. This particular treatment is designed to restore flexion in the joints. Additionally, it has the potential to decrease the pain and inflammation. Manipulation provides a non-invasive approach to healing.

Massage Therapy 

Massage therapy is an aspect of chiropractic care that uses the art of massage to promote healing. A trained professional targets the injured area and around it using specialized massage techniques that are designed to soothe sore muscles. Massage therapy also has the ability to reduce soreness and tightness. Those who are experiencing muscle spasms that can cause painful muscle spasms may find relief as well.

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