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Herniated Discs

It can be extremely frustrating to be told that you have a herniated disc, especially since medical professionals don't even agree on what a herniated disc is, exactly. Luckily, herniated disc treatment by your chiropractor in Milwaukie, OR, does not require an agreement on what to call your problem. Eastside Spine and Injury will assess your pain and help you find a solution that fits your needs.

herniated disc closeup

What Are Herniated Discs and Why Do They Hurt?

The discs in your spine are gelatinous objects that sit between the vertebrae, which are the bones of the spine. Their job is to cushion the bones and absorb impact when you move. There are a couple of different broad types of disc-related back pain. One is when the disc itself is painful, and the other is when the disc is pressing on a nerve that creates pain in another part of the body. The latter is also sometimes referred to as a pinched nerve.

The accepted definition of a herniated disc is one that has relatively large tears on the exterior surface of the gelatinous ring. Because of these tears, the disc is not as solid and does not stay between the vertebrae like it is supposed to. Either the bulging part may press on nearby nerves or the tears may cause a loss of fluid that results in a narrowing of the space between two vertebrae. Both of these conditions can lead to radicular pain, the name for pain caused by pressure on a nerve.

Pain coming from the disc itself is also possible. This is most commonly the result of degenerative disc disease, a condition that is often hereditary. Inflammation and the lack of a normal ability to prevent tiny 'micromotions'  of the spine are implicated in the pain caused by degenerative disc disease. Both of these may cause muscle spasms.

Herniated Disc Treatment

The type of herniated disc treatment chosen may depend on the type of pain you experience, the location of the problematic disc, and the expert opinions of your doctors. Chiropractic treatment is an accepted and recommended method of relieving herniated disc pain. Chiropractors may perform adjustments, provide massage treatments, and advise patients of changes that they can make to reduce overall pain. Making changes in the way you walk and move can help keep you active, which will actually reduce your pain in the long run.

Herniated discs used to be treated initially with either surgery or pain management using drugs. While drugs may still be a good first step, they are no longer recommended as a long-term solution. Most doctors now believe that surgery should only be considered after all other alternatives, including chiropractic treatment, have proven ineffective. This is because so many people respond positively to chiropractic treatment methods.

We Can Help at Eastside Spine and Injury, Your Chiropractor in Milwaukie, OR

Eastside Spine and Injury can help. Our experienced doctor, Dr. Brian Sims, wants to be your chiropractor in Milwaukie, OR. To make an appointment today, call (503) 654-7400.