Corrective Exercises in Milwaukie, OR

After you have suffered from a car accident injury or sports injury in Milwaukie, OR you want to recover quickly but correctly. Additionally, if you have had a surgery or illness that has caused you to lose functionality in your muscles, you too need to seek treatment. This is where corrective exercises play an important role. On par with physical therapy, corrective exercises provide you with beneficial balancing movements to strengthen your body. Find out how we use corrective exercises as part of integrated medicine at Eastside Spine and Injury.

Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercises differ from regular cardio or weight lifting exercises. According to the IDEA Health and Fitness Association the most common corrective exercises include four components. These exercises are geared toward your current physical activity level and abilities.

The exercises are done in sequence, and these movements have a natural regression and progression. This allows you to minimize or maximize your movements during each exercise session, depending on how your body is currently responding. Finally, corrective exercises should make you feel confident in your therapy, rather than you feeling as if you aren’t exercising enough or too much.

Corrective Exercises Improve Recovery Time

If you are recovering from an injury or illness, you want to give your body the tools it needs to heal as quickly as possible. Through proper use of corrective exercise you can do this effectively. Here at Eastside Spine and Injury our chiropractor combines core strengthening exercises along with spinal stretches. What this does is increase the circulation of nutrient-rich fluids throughout the affected area. This helps to increase healing, reduce pain, and improve recovery time.

Most Common Corrective Exercises

When you perform the most common corrective exercises you will focus on a single area that needs strengthening. The IDEA Health and Fitness Association recommends the following corrective exercises. If you have foot pain or plantar fasciitis, you can benefit from the golf ball roll that treats over-pronation of your arch. If you are recovering from a leg injury, a quadricep exercise routine using a foam roller will help you reduce tension and stress on the four quadricep muscles. This can aid in lower back pain prevention, as well as hip flexion issues.

Other exercises recommended include lying on two tennis balls to strengthen and stretch the upper back, as well as rolling over a baseball with your gluteal complex. A calf stretch on a balance BOSU ball helps to improve coordination as part of your corrective exercise routine. A lunge with your knee pulled and a back step with your arm raised are two effective exercises that require no equipment.

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